Mentoring Teenagers in Youth Ministry

If youth ministry is a journey, then teenagers are equipped and informed for their future, as opposed to being told this information with no practical application for their everyday lives. Two of the major reasons that students reject the Gospel as adults are because they feel that it is irrelevant and only results in judgmental people who are known more for what they stand against than what they stand for. What kind of Gospel is this? A Gospel that perpetuated by feeling good and having fun instead of getting down to what needs to be addressed, which is a solid theology that addresses the questions of today’s teenagers with the help of both male and female Christian speakers.

Youth ministry needs to be based on a combination of relationship and theology. Relationships are the cornerstone of any effective ministry, but going further into the inward life of the student is a necessary building block. Our youth ministries have the desperate need for mentoring and discipleship, and leaders and speakers can be a big part of that process. Mentoring has a variety of benefits for both the mentor and the mentee, whether that mentoring is in a formal or informal relationship. These benefits can end up keeping a student out of bad situations and lead them toward future success and a strong, solid relationship with Christ.

We avoid a feel-good Gospel by talking about hard things, by being willing to risk a few tears and a little frustration in order to help push our students to the goal. This isn’t an easy task; it takes special people to work with teenagers and prepare them for the journey that is life. If students are not being equipped for lifelong service to Christ, then youth ministries are failing to do what should be the primary purpose of youth ministry.

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