Should you Wear an Autographed Jersey?

You’ve finally acquired an awesome jersey, autographed by one of your idols. Now the big question is, what do I do with the autographed football jerseys that I have received? Many people wonder if wearing it is an option. The answer to that question is yes, however, most people elect to put it with the rest of the collectibles instead.

Short Periods of Time

If you decide that you want to wear your jersey, make sure that it is put on for only short periods of time. You don’t want to make it stinky or smelly, because washing it is out of the question since it could ruin the jersey and the autograph that you were lucky enough to obtain. That would be a nightmare come reality, so avoid such a situation all together by not wearing the jersey if there is an autograph attached.

More Tips for Waiting your Jersey

Make sure that if you decide to wear the jersey, you keep it on for only a short period of time, as mentioned above, and make sure that you do so only when the situation calls for it. Maybe you are attending a game in person, going to a pre-season training camp, or something else. These are times that you can brag you heart away, but do not become over-zealous and wear it too often and brag too much. This ruins all of the fun and you do not want to do that!

When you are able to acquire such a priceless item, wearing it is probably something that you should just avoid all together. Instead, why not put it inside of a frame and display it for all to see? This way the jersey stays fresh and clean and the autograph in place. What could be better?

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